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No Ice Cream for Me - Sep. 8th 2021 Logbook

Between September 7th and 27th 2021, Bark Europa sailed from Scheveningen in the Netherlands to Tenerife in the Canaries. Here's what my life onboard looked like.

I was dreaming I was about to eat an ice cream when my crewmate woke me up at 01:45. A lot of sails were set but we added the main course, the flying jib and the main topgallant staysail. After showing my watchmates the cleaning routine for the night, I steered for about 30 minutes while they were going around the deck to familiarize themselves with the lines. We finished the watch by a deckwash.

During the afternoon watch we braced square, got the spanker sheeted out, rigged the main course whisker pole on the portside and put down some staysails. I rope burned my palm between my thumb and my finger so I rushed to my cabin to get plasters and the doctor took care of it properly after dinner. I found a can spray for greasing the halyards blocks on the square sails... It smells like a very strong sport deodorant. We’re sailing at the nearest point between France and England and we can actually see both coasts.


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