From November 21st to December 22nd 2021, I'll be sailing with eXXpedition in an all-women round the world trip to find innovative solutions to plastic pollution in the oceans. As one of the multiple legs of the journey, I'll cross the Atlantic, from Cape Town (South Africa) to Joao Pessoa (Brazil). To learn more about eXXpedition, visit their website.

Concours interuniversitaire de photographie

Édition 2020 - Thème: Folie

One of my photos was selected to be exposed (virtually considering the COVID-19 circumstances) for the 2020 Photography contest between Quebec's universities. 

Concours interuniversitaire de photographie

Édition 2019 - Thème: Frisson

Although I didn't win anything, I'm really proud of my three photos representing the theme "Shiver"

for the 2019 Photography contest between Quebec's universities.


Mary barclay travel grant

Youth travel foundation

In summer 2018, I was luckily awarded the Mary Barclay Travel Grant by the Youth Travel Foundation. Their financial support helped me a lot during my awesome trip which included hitchiking my way through Ireland, sailing for the first time on a Tall Ship in the North Sea and wwoofing on a farm in Denmark. After this travel I came home with a complete new mindset, a strong desire to experience things out of my comfort zone and gave myself stimulating goals. I'll be forever grateful for everything I had the chance to live that summer.

Read my full testimony here!