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Sail Training Lecture - Sep. 17th 2021 Logbook

From September 7 to 27 2021, Bark Europa sailed from Scheveningen in the Netherlands to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. This is a bit of what my life onboard was like.

Waking up was pretty hard, but we had some squalls on the radar so we all dressed up in our rain gear. We took down the courses, royals and topgallants impressively smoothly. We inspected life jackets and worked on grommets for our safety lines. We were hoping for the wind to shift but it didn’t happen so we had to wake up the Captain to make a decision about the upcoming traffic line. We went up with trainees to furl the upper staysails at the very end of the watch.

During the afternoon, we set the main course whisker pole and worked on rigging the stunsails. I also did a long lecture about sail handling. We had some ice cream for dessert which we were all very happy about.

Photo by Regitze Andersen


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